The Magic Earth

A Moon-Lit World of Magic, Terror, and Hope

The world looks the same as it it does when you look out the window. Traffic, businesses, homes, people walking around. The sunlight shines on a moderately bright world, a world that is unaware of what lies under the surface.

What is The Magic Earth?

The Magic Earth is a modern fantasy universe of wizards, monsters and hidden worlds. Besides just detailing the setting, we are also writing up rules for role-playing in this fantastic setting. Think of it as a mix of Harry Potter, The Dresden Files, and Poltergeist: The Legacy. Add to the mix a generous open-source license to publish your own stories, games, and other stuff, and you have a world set for exciting stories and interaction.

Magic Hunters – Set apart from humanity is a race of wizards, hidden from view, yet accessible to the outside world. The Enclave is a world-wide organization of these wizards who seek to reclaim magical artifacts that were lost to humanity’s grasp, and also to hunt down monsters that hide in the shadows.

Undercurrent – Every been in a place alone, especially after dusk, and felt like there was something else there, just beyond what you’re seeing? Like there are other people around you, just out of sight? Or maybe you look at something, like tree branches or furniture, and you swear you see a face or figure? Sure, science calls that “matrixing,” or your eyes trying to find a pattern to what you’re seeing, but you’re sure that sometimes it’s more than a trick of the eyes. This is a glimpse of the Undercurrent, a world under the world, accessible in those spaces like a moon-lit forest or a school at night. But people are getting lost in the Undercurrent, and heroes are needed to seek them out.

All this and more is coming to this setting. Stay tuned, and make sure to subscribe for updates in the sidebar, either with your e-mail or RSS.

-Mike Conway