Heroes of Oz Role-Playing Game and Guidebook

The Land of Oz is a place of wonder, beauty and danger. Adventure awaits in every corner of this exciting fairyland. Based on the famous books by L. Frank Baum and using the easy-to-play Fudge System, Heroes of Oz takes you off the page and into the magical realm which has been captured in 40 official volumes and even more unofficial ones. For adventure unlike anything in any role-playing game before, take your game to Oz!

The Gauntlet Alliance Sourcebook

When evil threatens the lives of innocents on countless worlds, one group stands to fight off the darkness. Fighting across galaxies and even universes, the Gauntlet Alliance will never succumb, and will always be there to save lives and preserve peace. The Gauntlet Alliance Sourcebook details these space knights, unfettered by spacecraft and power limits, including the four Gauntlets assigned to Earth, as well as their enemies.

Part of the Darkstar Supers Universe, the Gauntlet Alliance Sourcebook uses the 4C System, a supers game system based off a marvelous game¬† from the 80’s. Create any kind of character, human or alien, and send them off to fight the forces of evil. As a bonus, it includes a license to use the Gauntlets in any game, book, comic book or show, so start stretching those creative muscles.

More to come!