Storybook Fudge: Our House System

Storybook Fudge: Our House System Here at Darkstar Eclectic Media, we have products in the pipeline to support the plain vanilla Fudge system, as well as other open games, such as Pathfinder, Mongoose’s Legend, The Solar System, and a couple of others, but our main standalone games will all start out with what I call Storybook Fudge. Storybook Fudge (SF) is meant to emulate the action found in much of literature. Standard RPG’s, including Fudge itself, are fun, but books don’t really read like the way we play games, so I’ve tried to put together a version of Fudge that emulates how action in books goes. Face...

Setbacks Mean Nothing!

A little bit of news, rather annoying news at that, but news right from the source. After all, you deserve to be kept in the loop. I appear to have suffered a major setback in many of my projects due to a hard drive crash. This includes my Heroes of Oz and other layouts as well as quite a few logo files. But if anyone thinks for one minutes that I’m letting this get to me, you better bet your sweet ass that I’m still pushing forward, no matter what it takes. I’ve never given up before (contrary to what certain people have said – yes, word has gotten back to me), and no matter...

The Bad is Behind Us – Let’s Go!

The Bad is Behind Us – Let’s Go! All right, so it’s been a bad year. The last post talked about my father passing, and since then I’ve been in the hospital numerous times. Not my year. However, things have gotten better for us here at DSE, and we’re on the track. Currently I’m finishing up Instant Oz so you can get a good taste of real Oz role-playing for free before Heroes of Oz comes out. I’m also putting together the Darkstar Universe Primer, an introduction to our in-house supers universe. Ideally, Heroes of Oz will be out before Christmas. That’s our goal. You’ve been patient with us,...

Horrible News – My Dad Has Died

Horrible News – My Dad Has Died Joseph Warren Conway, my father, passed on June 16, 2010. He was a remarkable man, and I always looked up to him. This video is what was played at his memorial service. I hope he likes it. Farewell, Dad. I look forward to seeing you again someday.


EMERGENCY! Just got off the phone with my Mother. Jude and I must head to Loveland, grab my daughter Earline and head up to Gillette, Wyoming. I will blog as to the reason after I can calm down from this hard-hitting news..
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