Moving? Maybe more like standing still..

Moving? Maybe more like standing still..

Today we were to move into out new place…

The housing inspector came.. He approved the location.. Even the manager gave us keys..

But then, a new twist: the lady landlord called and told Jude this:

Sorry, but due to new information that just came to my attention, I cannot and will not rent to you, now or ever!

Then the lady hung up!

Jude called back to ask what this information was, but she refused to answer her phone..

Jude even had Erin from HPRR call her – and even Erin was told that the landlady did not have to give a reason, just that she changed her mind…

This is so ridiculous and stupid – I am just absolutely livid!

Well, back to the drawing board, I guess. Jude is telling me that perhaps God has something better in store for us – but truth be told, I’m having trouble seeing or believing in it..

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