Perfectionism: It’s A Curse!

Perfectionism: It’s A Curse!

I have had a few people inquire as to the reason my game has taken over three years to complete.

Now, I could say that it was because of how much information I have been working to pack inside of this game (which there is quite a lot)..

I could say how until the game was true to L. Frank Baum’s work of all 14 Oz novels (which there is – especially a list of all major – and even a good many minor – characters) I wasn’t willing to publish..

I could say how I was eagerly awaiting feedback from my group of Beta-Testers (who I really must thank profusely for all the help, advice and encouragement) to ensure quality…

Or I could tell the truth that covers all of this and more: The simple fact is that I am a perfectionist.

(There, I’ve admitted it – and that’s a start of the road to recovery, right?)

All humor aside, I actually wish to apologize to you, my dedicated fans (both to Oz and to Role-playing). I allowed myself to make excuses as to how the game wasn’t quite good enough.. But no more!

Today I make a promise to you all!

I am going to sit down and work diligently until this game is done. In fact, I’m going to set a goal:

Game Finished Date: August 2010

Unless there is any unforeseen emergencies or major events coming, I will work hard to make this goal real.

For now, feel free to comment below with any words of encouragement:

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