YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnails

Being today is April Fools Day, what better way to celebrate but by showing off one of my video that constantly gains foolish comments by those who do not read the description…

Here is the description directly from my YouTube video:

EDIT: As of the uploading of this video, YouTube STILL only has 3 thumbnails to choose from, and you can’t upload your own thumbnail, unless you’re a YouTube partner. Believe me, I want to be able to do that, too. When they allow it outside of partnership, I’ll do another video to explain how to do it.

YouTube has undergone many changes, so here is an updated tutorial on how to change that pesky thumbnail image. Still not the widest variety, but better than being stuck with an image of you with your mouth open and your eyes half shut.

I don’t think this is hard to understand – in fact, as some YouTubers have pointed out, it is pretty basic.. But I made this video to help out those who, like me, were at one point just starting out and wanted to help show the process step-by-step.

Hopefully I accomplished at least that.

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