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Moving – Onward & Upward!

Moving – Onward & Upward! There’s good news, bad news, and that which lies in between… Good news: We we approved for three months worth of rent, as well as security deposit, to be paid by the HPRR association (read earlier post, part 2) Bad news: Jude and I have spent $100+ on applications to apartments, only to be turned down. And to make matters worse, we have to wait for the complexes to mail out the reason(s) why we’re being turned down… In other news, Jude and I spoke with the manager of Heather’s condominium complex – there may be an opening for us – keep your fingers...

In with the New, Part Two

In with the New, Part Two I’m just posting today so everyone can know what’s going on.. We have moved in with my very good friend Heather and her amazingly loving mother, Tia. This move is and can be only temporary, but that’s all right. Jude has gotten us an appointment with the Homeless Prevention & Rapid Relocation program. They should be able to help us find a place while we get back on our feet. Anyway, I am exhausted from three nights with barely a couple of hours sleep, so I’m going to sign off from WordPress. Oh, BTW: Just in case, after we cleaned that apartment as best we could, I video...

An End to the Old, Now In with the New – Part 1

An End to the Old, Now In with the New – Part 1 Well, what an ironic twist of fate! Yesterday was Jude’s birthday, and today we have to move out! I cannot go into much detail, but suffice it to say we will be staying up until we have everything packed and moved out tonight – I have a feeling little to no sleep for tonight.. Anyway I just wanted to let you know what was going on, and as long as wherever Jude & I end up has Internet access, I will keep everyone posted.

Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend

Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend Just a quick note to say, Happy Birthday Jude! If you would like to read more about my friend, feel free to read his blog at Without him, I wouldn’t be the man I am today!

YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnails Being today is April Fools Day, what better way to celebrate but by showing off one of my video that constantly gains foolish comments by those who do not read the description… Here is the description directly from my YouTube video: EDIT: As of the uploading of this video, YouTube STILL only has 3 thumbnails to choose from, and you can’t upload your own thumbnail, unless you’re a YouTube partner. Believe me, I want to be able to do that, too. When they allow it outside of partnership, I’ll do another...
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